Avengers- Dangerhouse Reunion Show, Echoplex, Los Angeles 11/9/14 Part 1

国产免费毛片在线观看I am pretty happy with the quality of this one. It’s challenging to record a band when they have uneven lighting- they had a film projected on them as they played- but it’s not too bad. Please give it a few minutes for me to adjust my camera settings. Sounds great! I was holding the HFG30 over my head to film this, and the camera is heavy- it was like a 5 hour punk rock yoga lesson- I was sore for a couple days afterwards. Jim Utz, Penelope Houston and Lance Davis might want to see this one. 🙂 Jim flew from St. Louis for these shows!!

This is part 1 only- you can find the rest of the show on Youtube

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

国产免费毛片在线观看Equipment Used: Canon HFG30 & Rode Video Pro Mic


Live Concert Video

Agent Orange- Van’s Skatepark, Orange Ca. 11/8/14 Multicamera Steve Caballero’s 50th Bday Bash

国产免费毛片在线观看This one is a long story. My friend Jim Utz flew out from St. Louis for the weekend. We saw The Avengers on Friday, this show on Saturday, and the Dangerhouse Reunion show on Sunday. Anyway, we leave Sacramento at about 10 or 11am to get to the show. The Faction are going on at , so we had plenty of time. We hit the worst traffic in L.A. and Orange County and almost missed the Faction show! Adam was texting me, asking where the hell we were! So, we get to the show at 8pm with only 1 pass and Kristy Van Doren is incredibly cool and lets us in both right away to get ready. We walk in and there are “stars” everywhere. Ben Harper, Christian Hosoi and tons of other folks. There is free food and drink- open bar. So, I have a couple of drinks and film the faction with 3 cameras. It trurned out GREAT and is coming out officially soon on Beer City Records. Then, afterwards, we are looking at Steve’s cars non the other side of the skatepark and they announce Agent Orange! We had no idea that they were playing. So, we run back and start turning on cameras. Because of this, the first few minutes have lousy audio/1 camera, and then it improves greatly. Also of note- I got pretty hammered before they played so my video work is not the best. This turned out nice still, but sorry about the stray camerawork at times. Thanks to Jim for running a camera and driving back to the hotel. Uber would have been expensive. Filmed with 1 HFG10, 1 HFG30, 1 HF200 and 1 rode video pro stereo mic. Enjoy!

国产免费毛片在线观看Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

国产免费毛片在线观看Equipment Used: HFG10, HFG30, HF200, Rode Video Pro Stereo Mic


Live Concert Video

Avengers- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 11/7/14 Multicam with Matrix Audio Part 1

This was a fun night- my friend Jim Utz flew out from St. Louis to see the Avengers play and they were nice enough to allow me to video as well. It was strange- the band was ready to play an encore, and the venue flipped on the house lights and everyone left. Bizarre. Filmed with 1 HFG10 on tripod, 1 HF200 on tripod, and 1 HFG30 handheld (I should have used a monopod). Audio is soundboard + audience (Schoeps MK4). Soundboard mastered by me, audience by Jason Ellis. Matrix mix by Jason Ellis. Thanks Jason! Multicam editing done by Bong (thanks a lot, man) with special thanks to Tromster. These guys rule and are the reason why I am able to post these multicams! Enjoy

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

国产免费毛片在线观看Equipment Used: HFG10, HF200, HFG30

国产免费毛片在线观看Edited/Remixed By:Jason Ellis, Bong

国产免费毛片在线观看Additional help by: Tromster

Live Concert Video

Bobby Joe Ebola & the Children MacNuggits- 924 Gilman, Berkeley 11/7/14 Multicam with Matrix Audio 1

国产免费毛片在线观看Here’s the mighty Bobby Joe Ebola, opening for The Avengers at 924 Gilman last year. This was the start of the awesome rock weekend with Jim Utz! Thanks to Agelos for the edit and to Jason Ellis for the audio work. I’m posting this for Ken Doose, who is laid up in the hospital right now. Get better soon and get out of there! I hope this cures a bit of boredom for you. Make some requests and I’ll post them for you. And no, I don’t have any beatles, bad dress sense, or sewer trout that you don’t already have! 🙂

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Edited/Remixed By: Agelos

Additional help by: Jason Ellis

Live Concert Video