The Touchies- The Casbah, San Diego Ca. 9/27/15 Multicam

It was nice to get back to The Casbah again- it had been many years (20+?) since I was there, and it has always been a great, intimate place to see a show. It was nice to see that it was a great place to do a multicam as well… plus, I met “Records with Roger”. And the Casbah has great San Dego microbrew on tap. On to the band- The Touchies are a fun, pop punk band from the area. I saw that they opened for the Muffs and Kim Shattuck had nice things to say about them. Plus, they are huge Groovie Ghoulies fans and they even did a GG cover at the show! No matrixed audio for this one because the soundboard tape is ALL BASS GUITAR. It is bizarre. Sorry about that.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy


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Naked Raygun- Casbah, San Diego Ca. 9/27/15 Multicam with Matrix Audio!

This may be my favorite NR set out of all of the shows I have seen. They played the best new songs along with all of the “hits”. The crowd was really into it, and it was a great turnout for a LATE Sunday night show at the Casbah (why do you do this to me, Casbah?). Filmed with 2 HFG10’s & 1 HFG30. Audio is soundboard + DPA4061 mics. Thanks to Agelos for doing the editing- great job! Thanks to Jason Ellis for doing the sbd/aud matrix work. Thanks to the band for being so cool about my video nerd hobby

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: HFG10, HFG30, SBD, DPA4061

Edited/Remixed By: Agelos

国产免费毛片在线观看Additional help by: Jason Ellis

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Street Dogs- Hifi Rockfest, Queen Mary Park, Long Beach Ca. 9/26/15 Multicam

国产免费毛片在线观看Here’s the Street Dogs set from Hifi Rockfest. Filmed with 1 HFG30 and rode video pro stereo microphone, and 1 HFG10. There is a little bit of footage from a third camera- Ryan from Vulture Video’s HFG20. Edited by agelos- thanks for all you do, friend. Enjoy!

国产免费毛片在线观看Recorded by: Shayne Stacy, Vulture Video

国产免费毛片在线观看Equipment Used: HFG30, HFG10, HFG20, Rode Video Pro Stereo Mic

国产免费毛片在线观看Edited/Remixed By: Agelos

Live Concert Video

Naked Raygun- Hifi Rockfest, Long Beach Ca. 9/26/15 Multicam with Matrix audio!

国产免费毛片在线观看This one turned out really nice. Filmed with 1 Canon HFG30 & Rode Video Pro Stereo mic, & 1 Canon HFG10. Thanks to Joy Spicer​ for helping to secure permission to film, Riot Fest Lou for helping with permission from the fest, and to Heather Weiss for securing the media passes. Thanks to Jason Ellis​ for the killer soundboard/audience matrix work (it sound great! and to Agelos Porf​ for the edits. Nice work by everyone!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: HFG30, HFG10, Rode Video Pro Stereo Mic

国产免费毛片在线观看Edited/Remixed By: Agelos Porf

Additional help by: Joy Spicer, Heather Weiss, Jason Ellis

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